Junior System Administrator

Malmö, Sweden

We're looking for a junior systems administrator! We are Min Doktors IT team, a team of 3 people from various backgrounds and with a multitude of life experiences. We strongly believe that our diversity is a great asset for both the company and our patients. The opportunities to grow and learn from knowledgeable colleagues are many.

Our IT team is small, and has a variety of different types of tasks. Everything from network administration, process maintenance, documentation to google suite administration, tech support and even printer support! We are growing fast and are looking to build out our IT capabilities with a more technical resource.

We provide all the perks that modern employers provide. Flexible working hours, possibility to work remotely, breakfast, after work, fun and games, pension, Macbook, phone etc. But what sets us apart, and what we really take pride in is that we work hard to maintain a working environment where everyone can perform at their best, and feel safe to challenge themselves and their colleagues.

What you will be doing

Min Doktor is a startup, so you'll likely get your hands dirty in a little bit of everything. That said, here are some things you'll likely work on:

  • Scaling up our fleet management capabilities
  • Automation of IT tools
  • google suite and google cloud administration
  • Technical support for colleges of all different types of skill level.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in different teams to create the IT that everyone needs and wants.
  • Play table-tennis and drink coffee (or tea!)

Candidate of our dreams

Below is a list of the knowledge and personality traits that we think could help you succeed as a sysad at Min Doktor. We totally understand that not all of them will be a perfect match for you, so don't sweat it if it seems impossible to match our criteria. They really are just a list of things we hope for.

Anyway, here it is. We are looking for someone who enjoys …

  • To learn. Honestly, this one is the only one that is non-negotiable. We're pretty convinced that if we can find the right person for our team, and that person is willing to learn, good things will happen.
  • Take part in discussions and whiteboard sessions about how to make our IT better, both in small steps and giant leaps.
  • Enjoys compliance, security and other regulation type tasks.
  • Helping our work mates with support and technical assistance
  • Getting stuff done and think independently about priorities and the bigger picture of what we are doing.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues.
  • Create and improve on existing documentation.
  • Can dive right in and help out even in tasks that aren’t really in your wheelhouse.
  • Being active in making sure that our IT, tooling, and processes are continuously improving.
  • Sees structure as both a positive and joy to work with. We work in a heavily regulated environment, but in our team we see that as a positive! Structure is our thing!

If you are experienced in one or more of the following that is something that will make us excited too. But again, remember that this is a fantasy list. Not even the people who already work here have experience with all of these.

  • Go
  • iso 27001
  • google cloud or google suite
  • puppet, ansible or chef
  • ce
  • medical QA
  • kubernetes
  • python or ruby
  • network maintenance
  • sophos tools
  • Postgres
Siren Hofvander

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