Medical Quality Assurance Researcher

Malmö, Sweden

At Min Doktor the Quality Assurance team works to make sure we fulfill our responsibilities as a caregiver and have a quality management system with the right set of guidelines and routines. As a member of the team you will take part in creating, implementing and maintaining guidelines and routines set up to assure Min Doktor delivers high quality care and lives up to applicable rules and regulations governing health care.

Min Doktor is a fast growing player in a new and exciting market. As a member of the Min Doktor Quality Assurance team you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues from all the different parts of the company. You will play an important part in the process of further developing digital health care. We now need to expand our team and competence within quality assurance with a qualified person with a research background.

What you will be doing

  • Design and lead research projects to evaluate the quality and patient safety in digital care and to show that digital care is based on scientific evidence.
  • Initiating and designing studies to improve and expand the areas of disorders to be handled digitally.
  • Aggregate and analyze health care data given in our systems
  • Being an in-house expert concerning patient integrity, ethics and regulations regarding different studies and surveys.
  • Work together with the different teams to create and implement guidelines and routines in Min Doktor´s quality management system.
  • Continuously evaluate the quality of the service and health care Min Doktor is providing and find areas of improvement. Analyzing statistical data is a central part of this.
  • Contribute to the Min Doktor service by compiling and interpreting regulatory requirements to ensure that we are in compliance with regulations.

Who you are

  • Understanding the scientific issues and needs to prove evidence based health care in a digital environment.
  • Experience of working with quality assurance in Swedish health care, the pharmaceutical industry or the medical technology industry is meritorious.
  • You have an academic research education applicable to medicine or health care.
  • You have high analytical skills with the ability to analyse both quantitative and qualitative data and draw conclusions from it.
  • Since you will be working with people from different parts of the company, e.g. support personnel, software developers, doctors, on a daily basis you have good communication skills and easily adapt to new situations and group constellations.
  • You like diving into details to investigate problems but at the same time have the ability to zoom out and see the big picture.
  • You are excited about the challenge it means to find ways of interpreting rules and regulations that are not yet adapted to digital health care.
  • You are comfortable with English in both speech and writing.
  • It is meritorious if you have experience in healthcare, probably as a doctor or nurse

Good to know

English is the official language written and spoken at Min Doktor. Swedish is used where needed due to regulations.

How to apply?

Send in your application by latest June 3rd and mark your application with Quality Assurance Researcher. If you have any questions, please reach out to Åsa Svensson, by email,

Åsa Svensson

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