Charlotta Tönsgård will speak at Nordic e-commerce summit today


"Nordic eCommerce Summit has always been about people; remarkable people doing extraordinary things. This is Scandinavia's leading conference about the people behind e-commerce in the Nordics. The conference has been arranged in Stockholm for 11 years and is now arranged in Malmö for the third time. Since we want to attract foreign companies looking to venture into the European and Nordic markets, the conference is all in English. Last year participants from 22 different countries attended. The keynotes in Malmö are ECOMMERCE focused with elements of GAMING, TRAVEL and NEW TECHNOLOGY." The conference takes place October 25-26 at Malmö Arena, Hyllie, Sweden.

Charlotta Tönsgård is CEO of Min Doktor, Sweden's first and largest digital medical center with over 35 000 patients treated. Charlotta is a civil engineer with specialization in telecom and finance and has a background in Fingerprint Cards zimpl, RIM and TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) for which she was working in South Korea.

Min Doktor has developed a technique to identify patients whose symptoms are suitable for digital healthcare and to offer them the opportunity to communicate with the doctor who makes a diagnosis and writes a prescription online. By making healthcare accessible to patients with simple medical conditions, Min Doktor relieves traditional primary care and frees up resources for those who really need physical medical meetings. The customers are private individuals, insurance companies and governments.

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Min Doktor är ledande inom svensk sjukvård och utvecklar både digitala och fysiska vårdmöten av hög kvalitet. Genom att använda ny teknik ökar patientens delaktighet och såväl effektivitet som patientsäkerhet i vårdprocessen. Bolaget grundades 2013 och ägs idag av bland andra Apotek Hjärtat.