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Since 2013 Min Doktor has challenged and pioneered the development of the Swedish health care. What started as one doctor’s drive for a better and more effective healthcare has in five years grown to a big healthcare provider with more than 140 doctors and over 300 000 patients in Sweden. Today the company is growing rapidly week by week and treating a vast spectrum of illnesses.

We find no reason to limit our services to Sweden. So, the next step in our push to develop the healthcare sector is to provide our digital platform on a European level, focusing on Germany, The Netherlands, France and United Kingdom primarily.

Polls in Sweden show that two-thirds of the population is worried about the time it takes to get a doctor appointment when needed and that women worry more about this than men do. The situation is most likely similar within the larger European population. In comparison to the traditional primary care, our patients almost always get help from a doctor within half an hour.

When we asked the Swedish population what the benefits with digital primary care are they answered “no need to take time off work”, “faster help”, “no need to leave home when sick” and “no risk of being infected by other patients”.

For the individual digital healthcare is a compliment to the traditional healthcare, providing high accessibility just like shopping or doing bank business online.

From a societal perspective, our digital healthcare tackles the challenges with growing and ageing populations by providing a service that is both cost effective and of high quality.

From a quality perspective, our digital platform unburdens administration tasks considerably, while at the same time guarantees that the doctors always get the latest policy and treatment recommendations. The platform also automatizes warnings, peer reviews, reminders and makes it easy for different specialists to work together.

To facilitate our push across Europe we plan to split Min Doktor into two companies. And across Europe, we’ll work under the name Docly and primarily collaborate with existing healthcare providers in different countries. This split and strategy enable our high ambitions and at the same time gives us the opportunity to tap into expertise in the specifics of each country.

Sweden is in the forefront of digitalisation, as shown by Skype, Spotify, Minecraft, iZettle and Klarna to name a few. Our ambition is nothing less than to add Docly to that list of pioneers.

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Min Doktor är ledande inom svensk sjukvård och utvecklar både digitala och fysiska vårdmöten av hög kvalitet. Genom att använda ny teknik ökar patientens delaktighet och såväl effektivitet som patientsäkerhet i vårdprocessen. Bolaget grundades 2013 och ägs idag av bland andra Apotek Hjärtat.