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Clinicians / Vårdpersonal

Var med och förenkla sjukvården. Daglig kompetensutveckling och större frihet i arbetet får du på köpet.


Som läkare på Min Doktor möter och behandlar du patienten på ett nytt och stimulerande sätt samtidigt som du är med och utvecklar digital vård. Kanske är du Min Doktors första digitala heltidsläkare? Eller vill du arbeta deltid när det passar dig? Vi erbjuder olika lösningar för just din anställning. Just nu söker vi lite extra efter hudläkare och psykiatriker.


Är du barnmorska och intresserad av att ingå i vårt team? Du kommer att jobba med preventivmedelsförskrivning och smittspårning av klamydia.


Är du fysioterapeut och intresserad av att ingå i vårt team?


We take care of the people we care for. We develop our healthcare offering with care quality as our guiding star.

Medical Operations Officer
Malmö, Sweden

Var med och förändra sjukvården som läkare med ansvar för Min Doktors tjänst i Sverige! Vi söker dig, läkare, beredd att utmana dig själv i en ny roll, som nyckelperson inom Min Doktor. Du ska ha erfarenhet eller vara nyfiken på möjligheterna den digitala utvecklingen skapar för att effektivisera och kvalitetssäkra sjukvård.

Business Architect/Business Developer
Malmö, Sweden

We are looking for our next Business Architect/Business Developer. Min Doktor is a fast growing player in a new and exciting market in Sweden as well as outside of Sweden. As a member of the Min Doktor B2B team you will play an important part in expanding our business in the Nordic region.


We empathize with our users, unlock opportunities and build great user experiences with craftsmanship at heart.

Senior UX/Service Designer
Malmö, Sweden

We are looking for a Senior UX/Service Designer to focus on the human element, seeking inspiration from our users to build impactful experiences that treat emotion as important as intellect. You envision how people experience our service and bring that vision to life. Together with our interdisciplinary team you will help shape and define our service to make clear and informed experiences for our patients and clinicians alike.

Marketing & Growth

We grow our brand, user base and retention. Ideation, innovation and implementation is how we do it.

Marketing Technologist
Malmö, Sweden

The Min Doktor Growth team works to get the largest percentage of our target audience to experience the core value of our product as quickly as possible and as often as possible. The tactics, tools and strategies vary widely, but focus is always the same. We are highly test-driven, with a strict process from early ideation and research to MVP:s and evaluation. During that process, the Marketing Technologist will do technical research and give guidance, implement necessary third-party tools and launch experiments and trial balloons. You will help the team to get efficient technical solutions in place, ensure they are scalable and build a mindset of collaboration and continuous testing. From experience, you know when to explore the big ideas and when to get really nitty gritty. You love to get your hands dirty and you have a very strong sense of ownership.


We work agile, try out new ideas and iterate on existing product features. We believe that diversity of perspectives, experiences and backgrounds will lead to a better environment.

Software Developer
Malmö, Sweden

Customer support

We are a creative, knowledgeable team responsible to help our patients whenever there is a problem or dispute best solved with a human touch.

Vill du ingå i vårt härliga Customer Supportteam?
Malmö, Sweden

Vi är i dagsläget åtta personer inom Customer Support och behöver bli fler i takt med att företaget växer. Därför söker vi nu en person till vår support! Vi söker dig som har mycket goda kunskaper i franska och svenska i både tal och skrift. Förutom våra läkare är det oss patienterna möter när de söker hjälp och vi jobbar för att på bästa och snabbaste sätt hjälpa dem med deras frågor och funderingar.


We combine business objectives with user insights creating well-defined product concepts with clear goals and benefits.

Product Manager
Malmö, Sweden

We are looking for a Product Manager (PM) that will work with our health care professional’s working tool; the Clinic. In the Min Doktor Product team you will contribute to the digitization and innovation of the healthcare process. You will collaborate with highly skilled developers, designers and healthcare professionals to build the software solution. The Product Manager is responsible of prioritising of the daily work of the development team as well as maintaining a release plan and strategy of the product. You will also be a representative and a communicator to the rest of the company. As a Product Manager you report to the Head of Product and peer with other product managers and product analysts in the team.

Finance & Legal

We are a collaborative team that delivers important finance and legal support for the organization and at the same time we identifying new growth areas that can drive the business forward!

Legal Counsel to Min Doktor
Malmö, Sweden

Do you want to work within an organization that offers you an international environment with a high level of responsibility?

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