Sweden's leading digital healthcare provider reinforces team to expand internationally


MD International (Min Doktor), pioneer in the Swedish market as the first digital health provider, goes international. The expansion follows a recent emission of 218 MSEK for existing owners led by EQT Ventures.

“The digitization of the European healthcare sector has only begun. Since 2013 we have established a thorough experience in providing digital healthcare. Many European countries face health care challenges similar to those in Sweden, and after a thorough market analysis we are confident that we have a solution to meet several of these challenges”, says Magnus Nyhlén, founder of MD International.

MD International was the first company within the Swedish healthcare sector to provide digital health care and offers digital medical care around the clock. The doctors use mainly written asynchronous communication to provide a diagnosis and prescribe medication. In this way, more patients can be treated more promptly, with resulting savings of resources for patients and the health care providers alike. Said saved resources could be used to treat more patients both digitally and those in obvious need of physical healthcare, where capacity is strained. The doctors have access to diagnostics.

Jonas Vig, founder of international live video company Bambuser, has recently joined MD International to lead the European expansion as Head of Global Product Strategy and New Markets at MD International. His responsibility will be to find potential markets and to adapt the product portfolio to fit each market.

“The ambition at MD International - to challenge traditional ways to conduct business and make them more efficient and convenient - is based on the same thinking as Bambuser. MD International provides a unique combination of technical and medical knowhow. I am confident we can have a substantial positive impact on the health care sector in many countries”, says Jonas Vig.

The digitization of the healthcare sector has considerable potential. Up to 18B EUR can be saved annually from 2025 according to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co, which among other things concludes that the numerous unnecessary visits is the greatest opportunity for savings. Remote consultation alone has the potential to save 2B EUR annually from 2025. According to a recent study of the Swedish market conducted by Lund University, the society could save 2BN SEK/yr if 10% of the patients chose a solution like Min Doktor instead of physical doctors visits.

About MD International (Min Doktor)

Min Doktor was founded in 2013 as the first digital healthcare provider in Sweden. Min Doktor provides treatment by midwives, physiotherapists and specialist doctors with Swedish medical qualifications. Min Doktor is a registered healthcare provider and is covered by the Health Care Act, the Personal Data Act and the Patient Safety Act. The company is owned by its founders, employees and external investors and the main office is in Malmoe, southern Sweden

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Min Doktor är ledande inom svensk sjukvård och utvecklar både digitala och fysiska vårdmöten av hög kvalitet. Genom att använda ny teknik ökar patientens delaktighet och såväl effektivitet som patientsäkerhet i vårdprocessen. Bolaget grundades 2013 och ägs idag av bland andra Apotek Hjärtat.